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Deep Dive Agenda 2023

Deep Dive -sessions are 30 minutes in-depth discussions or presentations. Deep Dives are held in separate virtual rooms in the Event Platform. Seats are limited for each session and registration can be done on the Event Platform.

Time Zone EEST


Unlocking Global Growth: How to Master Spend Management at Scale

Vilgaudas Kaupa, Head of Treasury Nord Security

  • All-in-one spend management – What's in it for the treasury of a fast-scaling company?

  • Spend like a unicorn – The success stories of Vinted and Nord Security

  • Chart your course to international success – Q&A with an award-winning Treasury Lead

Learn from the Head of Treasury who implemented spend management solutions and corporate cards in two unicorns in a row, today each valued at 3B+!


Increasing cost of capital, higher material cost and disrupted supply chains have changed companies working capital approach - business as usual is no longer an option. How can finance make a difference?

Johan Nordström, Managing Partner | SETPOINT Group

Alexander Flach, Partner | SETPOINT Group
Anders Alfalk
| Intito

  • How to bridge the gap between finance and operations through fact based working capital insights

  • Key benefits from real-time analysis, forecasting and scenario planning capabilities in working capital management

  • Why a company’s optimal working capital – its Setpoint – must be the starting point in understanding whether you are on track or not


Modernize Your Financial Close with Automation

Nicholas Lowe, Sales Executive Trintech
Rebecca Fransson-Scherer 

  • Many finance departments today work with the same processes and routines as they did 5–10 years ago, but they are now expected to do more, with less time and resources. With Adra's solutions, you can remove the repetitive and manual work in the financial close process.


Organizational Resilience: Why it Matters and How to improve it

Pekka Hasunen, Solution Architect Unit4
Mats Smedjebacka, Senior Account Executive 

  • Getting to understand requirements for businesses to become resilient and how to build resilience and invest in your future. Understanding the three pillars of resilience: People, Process and Technology


Mission-Critical Scenario Planning - How Finance Teams Can Secure a Stable Future

Vesa Pahkamaa, Planning practice lead, MD Twoday 
Priya Shah, GTM Lead, Nordics

  • What is scenario planning and why it matters more than ever

  • Key benefits of scenario planning for FP&A teams

  • Why legacy tools fail at what-if analysis and scenario planning

  • Best practices for setting up effective scenario planning


Digital Finance Smorgasbord: A Feast of Options, but Which Deliver Flavor?

Lubomir Atanassov, Strategy Lead Special Projects | Payhawk

  • The digital landscape is overflowing with tools tailored for every financial function, from accounting to expense management and payroll.

  • Despite the influx of new solutions, stalwarts like ERPs and Excel remain firmly in place.

  • Tools like Payhawk promise efficiency gains, but their true potential shines when integrated within the broader financial ecosystem.

  • Does using specialized tools genuinely streamline operations and free up time for strategic and value-adding work?


AI and analytics in AP automation – Towards 100 % automation

Maria Hult, Product Specialist | Rillion

  • How AI and analytics help companies to maximize AP automation

  • Case: How Technopolis achieved high AP automation with help of AI


Modernizing your VAT Compliance with TBI Comply

Ivan Bankov, Vice President Solutions Consultancy | Taxback International


Machine Learning in Finance: 
What’s the impact of  a more accurate forecast in your business?

Markus Hultsten, Director Sales Nordics  | OneStream Software
Johan Johansson, CCO 

  • When applying Machine Learning generated forecasts to your “standard” forecasting process, the impact on working capital will be groundbreaking. We’ll discuss the huge benefits of improved forecast accuracy in areas such as demand, inventory and workforce management.


The Power of Scenarios and Simulations

Dr. Jan-Philipp Menke, Principal Value Architect  | Jedox
Søren Luther, Solution Advisory Consultant  

  • Learn how to increase scenario capabilities using AI in a user-friendly Excel environment

  • How organizations large and small can scale performance and achieve strategic and operational value over time

  • How to get the Office of Finance in the driver seat of the business, transforming siloed-planning to cross-organizational collaboration


How to improve cash flow management by utilizing open banking with your multi-country ERP setup

Joonas Tomperi, CEO & Co-founder  | Enable Banking
Tytti Tonteri, Product Manager  

  • In this deep dive session with Heeros & Enable Banking you will hear about the latest open banking developments in Europe and how open banking is entering the B2B space. You will also hear how open banking solutions enable an effective path to improving cash flow management even in complex multi-country & multi ERP landscapes - without challenging & risky ERP projects or changes.

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